June 20, 2008 at 12:50 pm 2 comments

I’m amazed. I was surfing the internet, when I found an article about an organization in Israel that sounded a lot like Tirtzah. Except it’s been around for years- since 2005. The organization is called Bat-Kol, and they see their mission as creating

        “a world where religious lesbians can live a life of truth and love, a life of equality and companionship, a life of self fulfillment and acceptance in the religious society. Achieving Bat-kol’s goals is essential not only for religious lesbians but for all the religious community as well, to create a better society, with justice, kindness, and equality.”

      They have some amazing articles, blog entries, event listings and community resources. It’s mostly in hebrew, but for those of us who can understand hebrew- this is an amazing resource for all of us. I am so inspired by their work to support each other, learn together, play basketball together, support the mothers of orthodox gays and lesbians, and educate the public about the very real issues that we all face. I think it’s a model for us, as we start out, to work towards.

     Yashar Kochachen!!

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  • 1. sabra  |  July 13, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    As a member of Bat Kol, I can tell you it is an amazing group of women, and not only they have a site they have a great forum : I am sure you will enjoy the writings there, although some times we have big arguments. last week there was a very (mostly) possitive article in the weekend addition of Ha-aretz: yes it created a big argument, but it was a great argument.

    This week I”H the 1st official meeting of Bat Kol is going to take place in Tel Aviv.

  • 2. sabra  |  July 18, 2008 at 5:48 am

    Yesterday, on the 14th of Tamuz, and remember the date it will be a historic bookmark, Bat Kol had the first plenum meeting took place. Cometies were elected, more then 100 orthodx lesbians took part in it. women from all over came to meet eachather from all the rainbow of Judaism: Beith Yaacov graduates, right wing orthodox, ulpena graduates, those who were frum once and those who are not frum but have frum partners, and babies with their two mumies… The meeting was in a big hall in the city hall ot Tel Aviv.
    So yes it is possible, and this is the first step…


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